Analytics Dashboards


Using the analytics that Amazon Pinpoint provides, you can gain insight into your user base by viewing trends related to user engagement, campaign outreach, revenue, and more.

As users interact with your project, Amazon Pinpoint collects and stores analytics data for these interactions. You can view that data to learn about areas such as your users’ level of engagement, purchase activity, and demographics.


The Usage page includes charts and metrics that show how often your app is being used and how successfully it retains user interest over time:

  1. Open the Pinpoint Console
  2. On the All projects page, choose the project that you want get data for, e.g. traveldeals-dev
  3. In the navigation page, under Analytics, choose Usage
Usage in Pinpoint Analytics


The charts and metrics on the Events page help you see trends by displaying data for one or more types of events and event attributes. You can filter the data on the page to show any event that your application reports to Amazon Pinpoint.

To provide you with the best possible experience, we hide these filters if you haven’t used them in the past 90 days. If the Filters section shows a message stating that the filters are unavailable, choose More information, and then choose Enable filters. When you do, we restore the filters for your account in the current AWS Region. Depending on the amount of data that’s associated with your account, this process can take up to 72 hours to complete.

  1. Open the Pinpoint Console
  2. In the navigation page, under Analytics, choose Events
Events in Pinpoint Analytics


Events may not be immediately available for selection. You can check Events if the event you are going to use became available, prior to moving to next section.
You can skip funnel creation process, move to next Lab, and come back to create funnels in Pinpoint later.

You can use Amazon Pinpoint to analyze funnels, which are charts that show how many users complete each of a series of steps. For example, the series of steps in a funnel can be a conversion process that results in a purchase (as in a shopping cart), or some other intended user behavior.

We are already tracking two steps of the Deal Creation process: Starting and Completing deal creation.

Create a funnel and analyze, how many users start and finish this process:

  1. Open the Pinpoint Console
  2. In the navigation page, under Analytics, choose Funnels
  3. Choose Create a funnel
  4. Set Funnel name, e.g. Deal Creation
  5. Create first series:
    1. Set Series name, e.g. Start Deal Creation
    2. Select createDeal-start event
  6. Choose Create another series to add another funnel:
    1. Set Series name, e.g. Complete Deal Creation
    2. Select createDeal-complete event

The result will be similar to the image below. Click Save to save the funnel.

Funnels in Pinpoint Analytics


The charts on the Demographics page help you understand characteristics of your customers and the devices that they use to access your app. If you’ve configured your app to report custom metrics to Amazon Pinpoint, this page shows the data for those metrics.

  1. Open the Pinpoint Console
  2. In the navigation page, under Analytics, choose Demographics
Demographics in Pinpoint Analytics